Tangos, Rock y Blues para Omar Khayyam

Horacio Ladrón de Guevara has written all the lyrics for the songs, composed by Marcelo Arnal. Own lyrics, but strongly influenced by the philosophy of Omar Khayyam. Some Rubayyat from the persian poet are also included in the album.

The album is presented live together with a Tango dancing couple, who also dance a few arabian dances.

Listen to three songs from the show (in MP3):

Un hombre que piensa mucho [Arnal and Ladrón de Guevara. Size: 3,6 Mb]

Nostalgia Persa [Marcelo Arnal. Size: 2,8 Mb]

Como en el campo las fresas [Arnal and Ladrón de Guevara. Size: 2,4 Mb]

You can also watch a video from the show (WMV format):

Ninguna Fe [Windows Media Player. Modem Connection. Size: 6,5 Mb]

Ninguna Fe [Windows Media Player. For Broadband users. Size: 27 Mb]

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