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March 7th , 2006

As everybody liked the DVD spot and was asking for more we have uploaded a full fragment, the milonga Capricho Milonguero, where you can enjoy the skill of our two dancers, Sergio Gambetta and Silvia Lezcano:

Surrealism and Tango DVD: Capricho Milonguero

Or, if you prefer, you can watch a higher resolution version on Video Google (external link): Surrealism and Tango DVD: Capricho Milonguero

February 15th, 2006

The spot for the new Tango Cabaret Group DVD, Surrealism and Tango, is ready. You can watch it directly on the show's page:

Surrealism and Tango DVD spot

Or, if you prefer, you can watch a higher resolution version on Video Google (external link): Surrealism and Tango DVD spot

January 18th, 2006

The pictures from the Surrealism and Tango show are ready. You can see pictures from the different scenes, from all the artists and even from the public that came to the show that night:

Pictures from the Surrealism and Tango show

The DVD of the show is almost ready. Watch this space for the first preview.

We also thought our fans deserve an special St. Valentine's Day, so we moved the next show in the Harlem Jazz Club from February the 7th to February the 14th. You know we always have surprises in our shows, but this St. Valentine's Day is gonna be very special. See you in the Harlem Jazz club...

December 12th, 2005

The opening of our new Theatre show, Surrealism and Tango was, thanks to you, our loyal fans, a big success. It was a SOLD OUT and the reviews were extremely positive.

We want to thank from here everyone that made it possible, especially: Joaquín Guirado for that amazing light set-up with such a small budget, Christopher Grant for that poster that has impressed everyone, Daniel Mana for the comics and the projection...and of course our sponsors, the IED, Films Up Productions, CitizenPixel and Lapsus Espectacles.

Don't worry if you are dying for more, we know the show was good : the DVD will be ready in a month. And to wait until then we will be playing in the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona in the following dates: December the 14th , January 11th and 25th and February 8th and 22nd . We don't need to tell all the fans that have already seen us playing at the Harlem Jazz Club, but for the rest you should know the entry is FREE and the club is one of the most prestigious in Barcelona. See you there!

October 13th, 2005

The Tango Cabaret Group concert yesterday at the Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona was another success. It was raining very heavily, it was late for people working the next day and the national football team was playing on TV...and 10 minutes before starting it was already full. Thank you all for your support!!

You can view a few pictures from the concert in the following link: Pictures from the Tango Cabaret Group concert in the Harlem Jazz Club

We have to thank also all the people that joined our Newsletter. The winner of the CD signed by the band is: VICTOR GRACIA

Congratulations Victor!!

October 1st, 2005

IMG Music Promotions, an international player in the music business, has shown interest in working with us. On their review of Tango Cabaret Group's last album, Tango, Rock y Blues para Omar Khayyam, they say, among other things:

"The Tango Cabaret Group's material is fresh and inventive, filled with vibrancy and feeling. The musicianship, instrumentation and orchestral values are on par with today's most distinguished musicians. The vocals showcased on the album were fantastic. The pure emotion and energy breathed life into the material and established a real connection with the audience."

We will keep you updated on how things develop with IMG. Keep watching this space.

September 30th, 2005

Tango Cabaret Group's concert yesterday at Bodega Saltó in Barcelona was a big success. The place was packed and we have received wonderful feedback from our fans:

"I was delighted listening to you Horacio, I have seen grace, spontaneity and devotion to your fans. I've seen you at your best!!!!!!!! Marcelo, the personal connection you have with the piano shows up to what point you are able to become ONE with art and professionalism.

You are a clear example of those rare people that feel real passion for what they do."

Nora, Barcelona, September 30th (received by email)


Thanks, Nora. It helps a lot to receive praise like this from one of our fans. We'll see you on the next concert!

September 29th, 2005

We have the following venues confirmed for October:

TEL. 93 310 07 55
Wed October 12th; 22,30

You can read the Press Release for this concert (IN PDF, IN SPANISH): Press Release, Harlem Jazz Club Concert

You can see the Poster for this Concert (IN PDF): Harlem Jazz Club Poster

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