Tango Cabaret Group

Tango Cabaret Group is the creation of Marcelo Arnal, pianist and score, and Horacio Ladrón de Guevara, voice and lyrics. They have been working together for over 20 years in Argentina, Spain, France, Uruguay, and Chile . Each and every work they have produced together, ‘El Cortázar Tango Club', ‘Tangos y Genios', ‘Los Tangos de Afrodita' and ‘Tangos, Rock y Blues para Omar Khayyam' shares the same values: tango,poetry, image, humour and satire.

Arnal and Ladrón de Guevara write their own tangos, milongas and candombes. You can listen to them in the MP3 Gallery.

From the last album, Tango Cabaret Group counts amongst its members Fernando Jobke, guitar player and composer – 1st Prize Electroacoustics Composers SGAE 2004 – and a dancing couple. The five artists perform a 90 minute show (in Spanish with subtitles in English, German, Dutch, French, Italian and Swedish) full of satirical, tragic, erotic and social tangos.

All the shows from Tango Cabaret Group are breaking and provocative shows. We can find the characters from the tango mythology (Gardel, the pimps, the prostitutes); crucifixions, with a transvestite Gardel; Eva Peron full of mud, "washed up" by General Peron; the tango whores - from Afrodita to the French, Polish and Spanish who emigrated to Buenos Aires around 1890, etc.

The innovation that Tango Cabaret Group presents is also related to including Omar Khayyam poetry in the tango dialectic. A freedom and hedonist speech that joins perfectly well the amorality of a genre born in 1880 among pimps and foreign prostitutes.

For more information please visit the section Surrealism and Tango, the pictures from the last Surrealism and Tango show and the Surrealism and Tango DVD spot.

'Tango, Rock y Blues para Omar Khayyam' CD Cover


Drums and Percussion : Juan Cruz Santillán

Electrical Bass: Alejandro Lema

Guitar: Fernando Jobke

Violin and Chorus: Lisa Bause

Composer, Arrangements and Piano: Marcelo Arnal

Voice and Lyrics: Horacio Ladrón de Guevara

Chorus: Alejandra Santamarina

Art Cover model: Hugo Ramírez Colacho

Design: CitizenPixel

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